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We are a CUSTOM manufacturer of architectural precast/cast stone, GFRC and precast concrete products.

Expertise – Our Passionate Leadership Team Averages over 25 Years of Industry Experience!

Custom Design – Stoneworks manufacturing process allows unlimited design of product by incorporating different types of cement, aggregates, and surface finishes. Custom form building allows for dimensions which work best with your design, reducing or eliminating the need for on-site cutting or modifications.

Design Assistance – Stoneworks specializes in design assistance regarding profiles, anchoring connections, and color/finish options. We will suggest value engineering options for the good of the project.

Field Measuring – Unique to Stoneworks is our willingness to partner with our customer to field verify dimensions to help ensure accuracy.

Local Job Site Access – As a local manufacturer, Stoneworks personnel has attended job site meetings on projects throughout the entire Upper Midwest when face to face discussion is warranted. When desired, product is easily available for local pick up.

The Latest Technology – Stoneworks is continually working with our vendors to improve our process and ensure consistent quality. The incorporation of CNC technology has revolutionized our custom form building process.

Insurance – Stoneworks General Insurance policy combined with our Professional Liability Insurance provides proper coverage for your project.