35W Gateway Monuments

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Credits: Oslund & Associates

The two 30 foot tall sculptures were designed by Oslund & Associates, Figg Engineering, and the MnDot Visual Quality Advisory Group as part of the overall landscape of the new I-35W bridge. The elements mark the crossing of the Mississippi River and were inspired by the universal symbol for water.

The intense formwork took almost 3 weeks to construct and was built to allow for disassembly and reassembly of the second casting. The highly reinforced form was capable of supporting the extreme weight and hydrostatic pressure during the pour itself. Stoneworks partnered with Cemstone Companies, who developed a self-consolidating concrete mix design based on MnDot requirements. The mix design incorporated photocatalytic cement, created by Italcementi Group, which has chemical properties that counter the effects of smog and pollution. As this unique cement responds to the UV rays in sunlight, oxidation accelerates in the concrete. This ultimately speeds up the rate concrete will decompose pollutants that come into contact with its surface.

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